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The Cast and Crew

ANICA — Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive e Multimediali (1979)

ANICA — Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive e Multimediali (1984)

Felix Cinematografica Srl production’s Italo-US profit-share with Penthouse Films International Ltd approved by Ufficio Italiano dei Cambi, Nulla-Osta 500227, on 23 July 1976.

Film Number 190 of the year 1976, registered to Felix Cinematografica Srl in its capacity as sole producer on 5 August 1976 in the SIAE (Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori) Pubblico Registro Cinematografico numero 06246.

Provisional declaration of Italian nationality granted to Felix Cinematografica Srl in its capacity as sole producer by Ministero del Turismo e dello Spettacolo, 27 October 1976, provvedimento numero 6754/CF.7351.

Application for Italian nationality submitted by Felix Cinematografica Srl in its capacity as sole producer; approved by the Ministero del Turismo e dello Spettacolo on 9 July 1979; registry number 678 / 73788; filed on 24 July 1979: VIETATO AI MINORI DI ANNI 18.

Felix Cinematografica S.r.l. e Bob Guccione per la Penthouse Films International presentano
[Bob Guccione and Penthouse Films International present]


Una produzione di Franco Rossellini
[A Penthouse Films International and Felix Cinematografica S.r.l. Production]
Copyright © 1979 Penthouse Films International, Ltd. (as advertised outside of Italy; later disputed)
Principal Photography: 3 August 1976 – 31 December 1976

NOTE: The dates in the braces are the dates given in a government application as the first day of work. Many of these dates are obviously spurious, and, maddeningly, we don’t have a list of the final day of work. It appears that most of the crew members below were temps and floaters who worked only a few days or weeks and left long before the end of filming. Names in
large bold letters
are the names that appear on screen.
•Presented by [Robert Charles] Bob Guccione (b 17 Dec 1930, d 20 Oct 2010)
•Produced by
[Romano] Franco Rossellini (b 7 Nov 1935, d 3 Jun 1992) and
Bob Guccione
•Executive Producer Jacob H. “Jack” Silverman (b 23 Dec 1932, d 6 Mar 1985)
•Intereprete per Jack H. Silverman
•Translator for Jack H. Silverman
Susan French
•Senior Vice President, Penthouse Films International Ltd Alfred Weiler Crown (b 30 Sep 1910, d 3 Nov 1984)
•Original Screenplay
[Eugene Luther] Gore Vidal (b 3 Oct 1925, d 31 Jul 2012)
credited in the Italian version as
“Tratto dal soggetto originale di GORE VIDAL
and in the English version as
“Adapted from an original screenplay by GORE VIDAL”
•Additional Dialogue and Rewrites Malcolm McDowell
Ted Whitehead
and an anonymous Italian writer
(Ideas for these extra lines were inspired in part by concepts from Roberto Rossellini’s treatments [1962 and 1971] for the unmade Caligola. Whether any ideas were taken from the now-lost 1965 script that Jean Gruault wrote for Roberto Rossellini is anybody’s guess.)
•Italian Dialogue (for the 1979 Italian Release) Adapted by [Tommaso] “Masolino” d’Amico
[Giovanni] Tinto Brass [credited only with “Principal Photography”]
•Brief Inserts (“Additional Scenes”) Directed and Photographed by
Bob Guccione and Giancarlo Lui
wrongly credited in the Italian edition as
“Inserti filmati di FRANCO ROSSELLINI”
•Art Director Danilo Donati (b 6 Apr 1926, d 1 Dec 2001) {started 1976-06-15}
•Aiuti Scenegrafo
•Assistant Art Directors
Raffaele Lubrano {started 1976-08-11}
Omero Bartolini {started 1976-08-13}
Mauro Tiberi {started 1976-08-23}
Carlo Rissone {started 1976-09-21}
Antonio Ciminello {started 1976-10-05}
Otello Bartolini {started 1976-10-14}
Luigi Silvio Marchione {started 1976-10-20}
Anna De Angelis {started 1976-10-21}
Filippo Bugo {started 1976-11-09}
Vito Consoli {started 1976-11-09}
Fernando Fortunari {started 1976-12-02}
Giancarlo Di Crosta {started 1976-12-02}
Vittorio Catolli {started 1976-12-14}
•Direttore della Fotografia
•Director of Photography
Silvano Ippoliti (b 24? Jan 1922?, d 1994?) {started 1976-08-15 WRONG!!!!!}
•Operatori Macchina
•Camera Operators
Giuseppe “Pino” Di Biase {started 1976-08-09 ?????}
Federico Del Zoppo {started 1976-08-18 ?????}
Enrico Sasso {started 1976-08-18 WRONG!!!!!}
•Assistenti Operatori Macchina
•Focus Pullers
Kalì (a/k/a Calì) Said
Ettore Corso {started 1976-07-26}
Alessio Gelsini {started 1976-07-26}
Ivo Spila {started 1976-08-18}
Giovanni Antonio Xaiz {started 1976-08-27}
Silvano Tessicini {started 1976-09-17}
Enrico Maggi {started 1976-11-03}
Enrico Priori {started 1976-11-30}
Carlo Milani {started 1976-12-21}
Antonio Tonti {started 1976-12-29}
[There seems to have been some flexibility here, as Calì Said was definitely a cameraman rather than a mere focus puller. And as for cameramen Pino Di Biase and Federico Del Zoppo, I’m not sure how long they were involved. So people in this department definitely swapped positions, and Tinto Brass himself frequently operated one of the cameras, without credit, as he does on all his films.]
•Film Editors Tinto Brass [not completed; “Do your dance, boy” through the execution of Macro in the final release is, visually, largely Tinto’s, though terribly vandalized]

[Hugh] Russell Lloyd (b 16 Jan 1916, d 21 Jan 2008) [his version was mostly abandoned]

[Giovanni] “Nino” Baragli [Consulente al montaggio] (b 1 Oct 1925, d 29 May 2013)
•Associate Film Editor (Twickenham) Peter Boita
•Preliminary Assembly (Rome)
Elsa Armanni
•Assistenti Montatori
•Assistants to Elsa Armanni (Rome)
Claudio Maimone {started 1976-08-18}
Alfredo Menchini {started 1976-10-19}
•Aiuti Assistenti Montatrici
•Second Assistants to Elsa Armanni, Coding of Dailies (Rome)
Maria L. Letti {started 1976-08-09}
John Randolph Pepper {started 1976-09-14}
•Assistant Editors [to Tinto Brass at Twickenham] Fulvia Armanni
Claudio Maimone
Massimo Spano
•Assistant/Interpreter for Tinto Brass’ Editing Team at Twickenham Stuart Urban
•Production Manager
Mario Di Biase {started 1976-06-15}
•Music [unused] Fiorenzo Carpi (b 19 Oct 1918, d 21 May 1997)
Franco Mannino (b 25 Apr 1924, d 1 Feb 2005)
•Musica originale
Bruno Nicolai (b 20 May 1926, d 16 Aug 1991) [under the pseudonym of Paul Clemente, recorded by the Royal Italian Symphonia at his Emmequattro Studios, Rome]
•Brani Musicali
•Musical Excerpts
Spartacus by
Aram Khachaturian (b 6 Jun 1903, d 1 May 1978)
[conducted by Bruno Nicolai]
Romeo and Juliet by
Sergeĭ Prokofiev (b 23 Apr 1891, d 5 Mar 1953)
[conducted by Bruno Nicolai]
Cinderella by
Sergeĭ Prokofiev
[conducted by Bruno Nicolai]
Spartan War by John Leach (a/k/a Janos Lehar — you can learn nearly nothing about him at DeWolfe Music and before it closed down The Sound Library at had this to say: “John Leach: Britain’s leading cymbalom player, worked with John Barry, Jeff Wayne and George Fenton, wrote the theme tune for ‘Ask The Family’. AKA Janos Lehar.” And take a look at this: Tales of Mystery and Imagination!)
Les damnés by Pierre Arvay (b 1924, d 1980)
The Millpond (side 2 track 3 from The Early Birds — Small Group Sounds, Chappell International Series, Chappell Recorded Music Library — CAL 4007, released in 1974) by David Snell [for the temp track only; deleted prior to release]
•Director of Postproduction (Twickenham) Giancarlo Lui
•Direttore di Produzione
•Unit Manager
Sergio Galiano {started 1976-06-15}
•Collaboratore alla Produzione
•Adjunct Production Manager
Mario Basili {started 1976-06-15}
•Ispettatori di Produzione
•Production Inspectors
Alessandro Mattei {started 1976-06-15}
Augusto Marabelli {started 1976-06-15}
Marisa Nannicini
Silvano Spoletini {started 1976-08-18}
Vittorio Fornasiero {started 1976-08-28}
Giuseppe Serpe {started 1976-08-23}
•Segretaria Produzione
•Production Secretary
Ivo Palazzi {started 1976-08-15}
Mario Borgognoni {started 1976-09-21}
Giulio Mastri {started 1976-11-09}
•Aiuti Segretaria Produzione
•Assistant Production Secretaries
Francesca Iacca {started 1976-09-06}
Sandro Marcelli {started 1976-10-23}
Sandro Mazzanti {started 1976-11-18}
Gianni Onofri {started 1976-12-13}
•Segretaria Aggiunta
•Adjunct Secretary
Clara Mutschaewski
•Aiuti Segretari
•Clerical Secretaries
Antonello Lauro
Ranieri Ferrara Santamaria {started 1976-08-09}
Patrizio Pirri {started 1976-08-18}
•Sound Engineer
Claudio Maielli {started 1976-07-30}
Antonio Forrest {started 1976-08-28}
Franco Scarano {started 1976-11-23}
•Boom Operators
Antonio Sisto {started 1976-08-10}
Giuliano Maielli {started 1976-08-18}
•Assistente Microfonista
•Assistant Boom Operator
Marco Di Biase {started 1976-08-18}
•Dialogue Coach Louise Vincent
•Segretaria Edizione
•Script Continuity
Carla Cipriani (b 30 Mar 1930, d 9 Aug 2006) {started 1976-08-18}
•Capo trucco
•Chief Make-Up
Giuseppe Banchelli {started 1976-07-12}
•Make-Up Crew
Fabrizio Sforza {started 1976-07-20}
Maurizio Trani {started 1976-07-26}
Giovanni Morosi {started 1976-08-09}
Giovanni Amedei {started 1976-08-12}
Gino Tamagnini {started 1976-08-12}
Efrado Titi {started 1976-08-12}
Maurizio Bevilacqua {started 1976-08-13}
Massimo Camilietti {started 1976-08-18}
Claudia Giustini {started 1976-08-18}
Alvaro Rossi {started 1976-08-18}
Alfredo Tiberi {started 1976-08-18}
Alberto Travaglini {started 1976-08-18}
Fernanda De Rossi {started 1976-08-23}
Liliana Dulac {started 1976-08-23}
Cinzia Landi {started 1976-08-23}
Mario Michisanti {started 1976-08-23}
Emilio Trani {started 1976-08-23}
Rosario Prestopino {started 1976-08-24}
Roberto Centanni {started 1976-08-25}
Renato Francola {started 1976-08-28}
Adonella De Rossi {started 1976-10-05}
Rossana Musitelli {started 1976-10-06}
Massimo De Rossi {started 1976-10-07}
Corrado Blengini {started 1976-10-13}
Lamberto Biseo {started 1976-10-13}
Alfio Meniconi {started 1976-10-13}
Andreina Ambrosini {started 1976-10-14}
Amedeo Alessi {started 1976-10-27}
Thea Boggiatto {started 1976-10-27}
Vittorio Biseo {started 1976-11-11}
Bruno Gironi {started 1976-11-16}
Lucia La Porta {started 1976-11-17}
Antonio Maltempo {started 1976-12-07}
Gabriella Trani {started 1976-12-07}
•Capo Parrucchiere
•Chief Hair Stylist
Jole Cecchini {started 1976-07-12}
•Hair Stylists
Carla Indoni {started 1976-07-30}
Paolo Borzelli {started 1976-08-09}
Alessandro Jacoponi {started 1976-08-13}
Clementina Battello {started 1976-08-18}
Antonietta Caputo {started 1976-08-18}
Marisa Centanni {started 1976-08-18}
Marcella Favella {started 1976-08-18}
Luisa Garbini {started 1976-08-18}
Emilia Iaschini {started 1976-08-18}
Silvana Senzacqua {started 1976-08-18}
Adriana Sforza {started 1976-08-18}
Guerrino Tedero {started 1976-08-18}
Maria Favella {started 1976-08-24}
Anna Graziosi {started 1976-08-24}
Carlo Aprile {started 1976-08-25}
Galileo Mandini {started 1976-08-25}
Ettore Tarquini {started 1976-08-25}
Liliana Cecchini {started 1976-09-28}
M Pia De Biase {started 1976-10-05}
Agnese Panaretto {started 1976-10-05}
Placida Crapanzano {started 1976-10-07}
Wanda Antonelli {started 1976-10-13}
Ennio Cascioli {started 1976-10-13}
Luciana Fastelli {started 1976-10-13}
Armenio Marroni {started 1976-11-17}
Marisa (Luisa) Fraticelli {started 1976-12-07}
Dina Iacobucci {started 1976-12-09}
Mario Centofanto {started 1976-12-15}
Fiorella Petitti {started 1976-12-15}
Simonetta Pirino {started 1976-12-15}
•Aiuto Regista
•Assistant Director
Piernico Solinas (b 1943, d 2012){started 1976-06-22}
•Aiuti Assistenti Regia
•Second Assistant Directors
Fabrizio Pisaneschi
Giovanni Soldati {started 1976-07-30}
Giovanni “Gianni” Michelagnoli {started 1976-08-18 WRONG!!!}
Gianluca Ronchi {started 1976-12-07 WRONG!!!}
Gabriele Polverosi {started 1976-11-09}
Agostino Pisaneschi {started 1976-11-17}
Luigi Attardi {started 1976-12-06}
•Casting Director Paolo Heusch (b 26 Feb 1924, d 16 Oct 1982) {started 1976-06-15}
•Assistant Casting Director Roberto Tatti (“Madame Tatti”) {started 1976-06-07}
•Capo Gruppo
•Crowd Marshal
Filippo “Pippo” Spoletini
Tito Leduc (a/k/a Tito Leduch, Tito Le Duc, born Adolfo Manzano Muñoz, b 23 Dec 1923, d 31 Dec 1998) [deleted from Osiris Passion Play in which he was a veiled dancer]
•Assistente Coreografo
•Assistant Choreographer
Pino Pennesi (real name: Giuseppe Pennese) {started 1976-11-09}
•Maestro d’Armi
•Stunt Coördinator
Giorgio Ubaldi {started 1976-08-28}
•Assistente Maestro d’Armi
•Assistant Stunt Coördinator
Osiride Pevarello (b 26 Jul 1915 or 1920, d 15 Dec 2016)[also portrays the “Little Giant”]
•Capi Effetti
•Special Effects Designers
Franco Celli {started 1976-07-19}
Marcello Coccia {started 1976-07-26}
•Special Effects Crew
Giuliano Paravano {started 1976-07-30}
Renato Ricci {started 1976-07-30}
Giuseppe Olivetti {started 1976-08-06}
Roberto Roncetti {started 1976-08-10}
Andrea Bucci {started 1976-09-21}
Paolo Campagnoli {started 1976-09-21}
Giovanni Natalucci
Franco Velchi (Fellucchia) {started 1976-06-15}
Giantito Burchiellaro {started 1976-06-22}
•Capo Costruzioni — Grotto di Tiberio e Stadio
•Head of Construction — Tiberius’ Pleasure Grotto and Stadium
Carlo Agate (“Il Marinese”) {started 1976-06-15}
Carmelo Agate {started 1976-06-07}
Bruno Amalfitano {started 1976-06-15}
Giuseppe Ranieri {started 1976-06-15}
•Capo Falegname
•Chief Joiner
Luigi Sergianno {started 1976-06-15}
Cesare De Paolis {started 1976-06-07}
Aldo Fanari {started 1976-06-07}
Silvano Miele {started 1976-06-07}
Raimondo Spasiano {started 1976-06-07}
Giovanni Angler {started 1976-06-15}
Antonio Petruzziello {started 1976-07-01}
Enrico Zangarelli {started 1976-07-19}
Giuliano Macale {started 1976-08-20}
Arnaldo Sparapassi {started 1976-08-20}
Renato Cupito {started 1976-08-20}
Bruno Ferreri {started 1976-08-20}
Fulvio Gabrielli {started 1976-08-20}
Iorio Luzzi (Luzi???) {started 1976-08-20}
•Capo Scultore — Statue e Rocce
•Chief Sculptor — Statues and Rocks
Sante Barelli {started 1976-06-22}
•Scultori — Statue e Rocce
•Sculptors — Statues and Rocks
Filomeno Crisarà {started 1976-06-22}
Alvaro Passeri {started 1976-07-01}
•Disegnatore — Statue e Rocce
•Designer — Statues and Rocks
Francesco Dragonetti {started 1976-06-07}
•Scenotecnici — Statue e Rocce
•Crew — Statues and Rocks
Salvatore Calascibetta {started 1976-07-26}
Lanfranco Melia {started 1976-08-11}
Carlo Guercio {started 1976-08-11}
Enrico Parentini {started 1976-08-11}
Oscar Carli {started 1976-08-11}
Tito Cesare Serini {started 1976-08-11 or 23??????}
Claudio Battistelli {started 1976-08-20}
Duilio Ferrante {started 1976-08-21}
Barnaba Pagliarini {started 1976-08-31}
Ivano Gatti {started 1976-09-06}
Giuseppe Cammareri {started 1976-09-09}
Galiano Donati {started 1976-09-28}
•Capo Stuccatori
•Chief Plasterer
Carlo Maggi {started 1976-07-01}
•Plaster Crew
Giacomo Cedoloni
Salvatore Placenti
Giancarlo Cedoloni {started 1976-06-07}
Pietro Olivi {started 1976-06-07}
Giancarlo Perfetti {started 1976-06-07}
Luciano Ramagnano {started 1976-06-07}
Romolo Felici {started 1976-07-12}
Peppino Luciani {started 1976-07-12}
Alfredo Pallavera {started 1976-07-12}
Gaetano Rocchetti {started 1976-07-12}
Giuseppe La Rocca {started 1976-08-10}
•Capo Stuccatore — Grotto di Tiberio e Stadio
•Chief Plasterer — Tiberius’ Pleasure Grotto and Stadium
Luciano Antonetti {started 1976-07-19}
•Stuccatori — Grotto di Tiberio e Stadio
•Plaster Crew — Tiberius’ Pleasure Grotto and Stadium
Emilio Aversali {started 1976-06-07}
Luciano Bispuri {started 1976-06-07}
Ugo Antonetti {started 1976-07-14}
Angelo Marta {started 1976-07-14}
Antonio Marta {started 1976-07-14}
Italo Mazzulli {started 1976-07-14}
Mauro Ricci {started 1976-07-19}
Alberto Ruiu {started 1976-07-19}
Mario Tolu {started 1976-07-26}
Sergio Ruiu {started 1976-07-30}
Adolfo Cocozza {started 1976-08-21}
Lorenzo Dominici {started 1976-08-11}
Tonino Dominici {started 1976-08-11}
Guido Pecci {started 1976-08-20}
•Set Dresser
Luigi Urbani {started 1976-08-18}
•Capo Pittore
•Chief Scene Painter
Agostino Bivi {started 1976-06-22}
•Scene Painters
Angelino Marzano
Riccardo Maniscaldo {started 1976-07-26}
•Pittore — Statue e Rocce
•Painter — Statues and Rocks
Nello Falcone {started 1976-06-22}
•Capi Pittore — Fondali
•Chief Backdrop Painters
Emanuela Altrieri {started 1976-07-01}
Michele Franculli {started 1976-07-01}
•Pittori — Fondali
•Backdrop Painters
Ivano Conte {started 1976-07-01}
Enrico Sali {started 1976-07-01}
Amedeo Brogli {started 1976-07-12}
Claudio Tedesco {started 1976-07-12}
Luigi Crocicchia {started 1976-07-12}
Paola Mugnai {started 1976-07-19}
Leonardo Conte {started 1976-07-30}
Roberto Cosi {started 1976-07-30}
Guerrino Palomba {started 1976-07-30}
Otello Tiberi {started 1976-07-30}
Mario Torresi {started 1976-08-11}
Nunzio Di Giacomo {started 1976-08-15}
Luciano Zoppo {started 1976-08-18}
•Pittori Disegnatori — Fondali
•Backdrop Designers
Antonio Fioretto {started 1976-06-07}
Rosario Lo Turco {started 1976-07-01}
•Assistente Costumista
•Assistant Costume Designer
Gloria Picone Mussetta {started 1976-07-01}
•Capo Sarto
•Wardrobe Master
Gregorio Simili {started 1976-07-01}
•Sarte di Scena
Nefte Riccò {started 1976-07-28}
Elenuccia De Montis {started 1976-08-10}
•Pittore Costumi
•Costume Dyer
Antonio Vandilli {started 1976-07-12}
•Sarto Peter O’Toole
•Peter O’Toole’s Wardrobe
Fausto Bombelli {started 1976-08-11}
•Sarta Tagliatrice
Riccarda Pierconti {started 1976-06-07}
•Assistente Costumista di Scena
•Assistant Wardrobe
Carolina M. Guerrini Moraldi {started 1976-08-23}
•Sarte Laboratorio
•Costume Crew
Anna Foresi {started 1976-06-07}
Agnese Mattiozzi {started 1976-07-12}
Giselda Domenicucci {started 1976-07-14}
Iolanda Di Pasquale {started 1976-07-19}
Luciana Mancini {started 1976-07-26}
Adriana Mattiozzi {started 1976-08-27}
Bruna Mariani {started 1976-08-20}
Tonino Manfrini {started 1976-08-21}
Romolo Mancini {started 1976-08-23}
Alba Ravaioli {started 1976-08-23}
Olga Rendina {started 1976-08-30}
Adriana Fiorato {started 1976-09-21}
Lidia Leonardi {started 1976-09-29}
Franca Paoletti {started 1976-10-12}
•Macchiniste — Grotto di Tiberio e Stadio
•Grips (Stagehands) — Tiberius’ Pleasure Grotto and Stadium
Egisto Calascibetta {started 1976-07-13 and again 1976-12-28}
Francesco Pizzonia {started 1976-07-13}
Emanuele Polidoro {started 1976-07-13}
Franco Rinaldi {started 1976-07-13}
Marco Davoli {started 1976-07-19}
Antonio Mollichella {started 1976-07-20}
Franco Di Bernardino {started 1976-07-26}
Francesco Paolo Alfano {started 1976-07-30}
Arnaldo Ceccarelli {started 1976-08-10}
Romano Di Chio {started 1976-08-10}
Michele Di Lauro {started 1976-08-10}
Franco Fabietti {started 1976-08-10}
Patrizio Mollichella {started 1976-08-10}
Pietro Palazzo {started 1976-08-10}
Roberto Petani {started 1976-08-10}
Aldo Venturi {started 1976-08-10}
Michele Mele {started 1976-08-20}
Sergio Rossi {started 1976-08-20}
Fausto Cenci {started 1976-08-21}
Bruno Cocco {started 1976-08-21}
Dino Mezzoprete {started 1976-08-21}
Silvano Pigu {started 1976-08-21}
Sabino Schiavoni {started 1976-08-21}
•Capo Macchinista
•Key Grip (Chief Stagehand)
Quirino Fantauzzi {started 1976-07-28}
•Grips (Stagehands)
Antonio Marra {started 1976-07-28}
Elio Cosi {started 1976-07-30}
Mario Rondine {started 1976-07-30}
Sergio Grassi {started 1976-08-10}
Teodoro Marini {started 1976-08-11}
Silvio Natali {started 1976-08-11}
Carlo Pallossi {started 1976-08-11}
Tommaso Percibali {started 1976-08-11}
Ergo Primuoci {started 1976-08-11}
Bruno Renegida {started 1976-08-11}
Laurino Saccucci {started 1976-08-11}
Nazzareno Salino {started 1976-08-11}
Luciano Argento {started 1976-08-20}
Massimo Bacchiocci {started 1976-08-20}
Salvatore Corzi {started 1976-08-21}
Gerardo D’Amore {started 1976-08-21}
Quinto Proietta {started 1976-08-21}
Salvatore Palumbo {started 1976-08-21}
Giulio Saltari {started 1976-08-21}
Osvaldo Giansanti {started 1976-08-23}
Francesco Zuccari {started 1976-08-23}
Rocco Pota {started 1976-08-24}
Orlando Zuccari {started 1976-09-06}
Cesare Rossiello {started 1976-09-08}
Umberto Ventura {started 1976-09-10}
Luciano D’Amico {started 1976-09-14}
Mario Cascioli {started 1976-09-14}
Mauro Coletta {started 1976-09-14}
Elio Campi {started 1976-09-15}
Domenico Caponecchi {started 1976-09-16}
Giovanni Dobboloni {started 1976-09-17}
Rodolfo Calascibetta {started 1976-09-21}
Gismondo Cianti {started 1976-09-21}
Pasquale Gentile {started 1976-09-21}
Mario Pezzotti {started 1976-09-21}
Renzo Gabotti {started 1976-09-28}
Roberto Di Pomazio {started 1976-10-01}
Ugo Cesari {started 1976-10-05}
Mario Firmani {started 1976-10-05}
Otello Sollani {started 1976-10-05}
Giulio Marzi {started 1976-10-12}
Gianfranco Perugini {started 1976-10-13}
Nello Zotti {started 1976-10-13}
Galliano Leoni {started 1976-10-14}
Remo Bucci {started 1976-10-19}
Fausto Pedano {started 1976-10-19}
Giuseppe Lacovara {started 1976-10-28}
Armando Scarano {started 1976-11-12}
Ugo Bevilacqua {started 1976-11-15}
Giuseppe Capi {started 1976-11-15}
Romano Renzi {started 1976-11-15}
Francesco Santangelo {started 1976-11-15}
Livio Alessandrini {started 1976-11-17}
Ennio De Petri {started 1976-11-28}
Italo De Simone {started 1976-11-30}
Biagio Nastasi {started 1976-11-30}
Spartaco Blasi {started 1976-12-02}
Alessandro Blasi {started 1976-12-03}
Fiorino Persichetti {started 1976-12-07}
Vito Fiorentino {started 1976-12-13}
Willi Colombaioni {started 1976-12-15}
Gian Francesco Gentile {started 1976-12-21}
Porfirio Perrone {started 1977-01-03 hired to strike the sets?}
Adriano Pirri {started 1977-01-03 hired to strike the sets?}
Antonio Sarro {started 1977-04-05 HOW CAN THIS BE?????}
•Capo Macchinista — Statue e Rocce
•Key Grip (Chief Stagehand) — Statues and Rocks
Pietro Santarelli {started 1976-06-07}
•Macchinista — Statue e Rocce
•Grip (Stagehand) — Statues and Rocks
Franco Verticchio {started 1976-08-11}
•Capi Elettricista
•Gaffers (Chief Electricians)
Sergio Spila {started 1976-07-26}
Antonio Rinaldi {started 1976-07-26}
•Best Boys (Electricians)
Marcella Cardarelli
Vincenzo Mura {started 1976-07-19}
Lino Trivelli {started 1976-07-19}
Silvano Addamiano {started 1976-07-26}
Giorgio Antili {started 1976-07-26}
Giuliano Michisanti {started 1976-07-26}
Arnaldo Parenti {started 1976-07-26}
Antonio Piselli {started 1976-07-26}
Trento Scagnoli {started 1976-07-26}
Claudio Schettini {started 1976-07-26}
Luciano Vinciguerra {started 1976-07-26}
Maurizio Addamiano {started 1976-08-11}
Domenico Caiuli {started 1976-08-11}
Giovambattista Di Cicco {started 1976-08-11}
Stelio Fioretti {started 1976-08-11}
Luciano Giammei {started 1976-08-11}
Nazzareno Marini {started 1976-08-11}
Ettore Trivelli {started 1976-08-11}
Francesco Paolo Artisù {started 1976-08-20}
Nazzareno Belardinelli {started 1976-08-20}
Franco Boccini {started 1976-08-20}
Luigi Cianti {started 1976-08-20}
Stefano De Luca {started 1976-08-20}
Giuseppe De Paulis {started 1976-08-20}
Italo De Stefano {started 1976-08-20}
Nello Folatelli {started 1976-08-20}
Salvatore Gentile {started 1976-08-20}
Aldo Laureti {started 1976-08-20}
Mario Paoletti {started 1976-08-20}
Alvaro Romagnoli {started 1976-08-20}
Pietro Santialini {started 1976-08-20}
Antonio Schiavulli {started 1976-08-20}
Giovanni Serroni {started 1976-08-20}
Sabatino Sperandeo {started 1976-08-20}
Nicola Torlinni {started 1976-08-20}
Giovanni Gambella {started 1976-08-21}
Leonida La Moratta {started 1976-08-21}
Marcello Puccio {started 1976-08-21}
Marcello Cardareli {started 1976-08-23}
Vittorio Contino {started 1976-08-23}
Gianni Gentili {started 1976-08-23}
Alberto Grassi {started 1976-08-23}
Francesco Pandolfi {started 1976-08-23}
Ercole Petani {started 1976-08-24}
Roberto Ridolfi {started 1976-08-24}
Cristo Verrillo {started 1976-08-24}
Francesco Cinti {started 1976-08-25}
Gianfranco De Cinti {started 1976-08-25}
Remo Carossino {started 1976-08-30}
Giovanni Favello {started 1976-08-30}
Aldo Gentili {started 1976-08-30}
Alfio Lamoratta {started 1976-08-30}
Amedeo Laurini {started 1976-08-30}
Romano Martari {started 1976-08-30}
Dino Paoletti {started 1976-08-30}
Renato Puccio {started 1976-08-30}
Giovanni Santoponte {started 1976-08-30}
Mario Vitali {started 1976-08-30}
Ettore Zampagni {started 1976-08-30}
Giulio Pilloni {started 1976-09-03}
Nicola De Luca {started 1976-09-07}
Valerio Garzia {started 1976-09-07}
Italo Trombetta {started 1976-09-07}
Francesco Di Carlo Quattrone {started 1976-09-14}
Massimo Rinaldi {started 1976-09-21}
Antonio Falcetta {started 1976-10-19}
Giuseppe Scansalegna {started 1976-10-19}
Augusto Giannelli {started 1976-11-03}
Bruno Paoletti {started 1976-11-03}
Mario Fara {started 1976-11-09}
Salvano Michisanti {started 1976-11-11}
Oreste Rispoli {started 1976-11-11}
Luciano Michisanti {started 1976-11-12}
Battistino Cianfriglia {started 1976-11-17}
Franco Gentili {started 1976-11-18}
Alfio Ambrogi {started 1976-12-01}
Maurizio Rossi {started 1976-12-14}
Alberto Nannicini {started 1976-12-16}
Guerrino Francescangeli {started 1976-12-21}
•Generator Operators
Remo Cartocci {started 1976-08-11}
Pietro Monacchia {started 1976-09-02 and again 1976-10-08}
•Attrezziste — Costumi
•Properties — Costumes
Gianpiero Grassi {started 1976-07-12}
Giovanni D’Ottavi {started 1976-07-19}
Giovanni Passanisi {started 1976-08-21}
•Scultore Corazze
Marcello Cervino {started 1976-08-28}
•Capo Attrezzista Laboratorio
•Chief Prop and Furnishings Maker
Giuseppe “Beppe” Cancellara {started 1976-07-01}
•Attrezziste Laboratorio
•Props and Furnishings Crew
Salvatore Manca {started 1976-07-12}
Domenico Mancino {started 1976-07-19}
•Scultore — Statue
•Sculptors — Statues
Giulio Tamassy
Antonio Cocchioni
•Attrezzista — Statue e Rocce
•Props — Statues and Rocks
Luciano Rossiello {started 1976-07-19}
•Attrezzista Scena
•Scene Furnishings
Nicola Bucci {started 1976-07-30}
•Assistente Attrezzista Scena
•Assistant Scene Furnishings
Bruno Vandilli {started 1976-07-30}
•Assistente Scenografia Gioielli
•Assistant Prop Master — Jewelry
Bruno Lenzi {started 1976-06-15}
•Attrezzista Gioielli
•Prop Master — Jewelry
Vincenzo Cancellara {started 1976-06-07}
•Attrezzista Fiori e Piante
•Green Man
Vito Rossiello {started 1976-07-26}
•Attrezzista Laboratorio
•Prop and Furnishings Maker
Cesare Pennacchini {started 1976-08-11}
•Prop Master — Furnishings
Sergio Gatti {started 1976-07-28}
•Capo Tappezziere
•Chief Upholstery Maker
Orlando Cingolani {started 1976-07-01}
Roberto Cingolani {started 1976-07-12}
•Sarte Tappezziere
•Costume Upholstery
Anita Leonardi {started 1976-07-12}
Jole Leonardi {started 1976-07-26}
Renato Mondragone {started 1976-07-28}
Armando Tortorici {started 1976-08-06}
Angelo Maranno {started 1976-08-10}
Michelangelo Borca {started 1976-08-11}
Salvatore Governale, Studio Guard (also appeared onscreen as guest at the victory banquet){started 1976-08-11}
Alfredo Trovalusci {started 1976-08-11}
Sergio Marli {started 1976-08-15}
Gregorio Cardane {started 1976-08-21}
Giuseppe Lubrano {started 1976-08-23}
Orlando Araco {started 1976-09-14}
Antonio Grassi {started 1976-09-28}
Gianfranco Zoi {started 1976-09-29}
Piero Ignazio Barbitta {started 1976-10-07}
Americo De Angelis {started 1976-10-07}
Giulio Simonetti {started 1976-11-18}
Celeste Pranzi {started 1976-12-07}
Roberto Manfrini {started 1976-12-22}
Alfredo Danesi (owner of Davide/Incitatus, who kicked him on the head during the fever scene — no serious injuries, despite widespread rumors) [I think he appears on screen too]
•Sound Editors (Twickenham) Leslie “Les” Hodgson (b 1925, d 16 Dec 2003)
(Frank) Winston Ryder (b 25 Mar 1915, d 24 Mar 1999)
•Assistant Sound Editor (Twickenham) Patrick Moore
•Dialogue Editor (Twickenham) Archie Ludski (b 19 Jul 1929, d 10 Oct 2004)
•Assistant Dialogue Editor (Twickenham) David Grimsdale
•Foley (Twickenham) Roger Van Engel
•Dubbing Mixers (Twickenham) Gerry Humphreys [b 11 May 1931, d 5 Dec 2006]
Robin O’Donoghue
•First Assistant Film Editor (Twickenham) Peter Krook (d 7 Oct 2011)
•Second Assistant Film Editors (Twickenham) Rodney Glenn
Stefano Curti
•Third Assistant Film Editors (Twickenham) Claire Simpson
A. G. Broderick
•Doppiaggio Eseguito
•Dubbing Studio [for the 1979 Italian version]
C.D. Cine Doppiaggi SRL
•Direttore di Doppiaggio
•Dubbing Director [for the 1979 Italian version]
Ferruccio Amendola (b 22 Jul 1930, d 3 Sep 2001)
•Post-Production Manager [1979 Italian version]
Claudio Razzi
•Dialogue Mixer [1979 Italian version]
Fausto Ancillai
•Technical Equipment CineNoleggio
•Costume Rental Ferani Veste
Otello Polci {started 1976-07-12}
•Shoes L.C.P. di Pompei
•Wigs Rocchetti-Carboni
Rancate of Sormani
•Food Consultant Giuseppe “Bepo” Maffioli (b 28 Apr 1925, d 3 Jun 1985) [also appears on screen as a priest]
•Direttore Amministrativo
•Chief Accountant
Marcello Romeo {started 1976-06-15}
Oreste De Falco {started 1976-06-07}
Paolo De Andrei {started 1976-08-18}
•Segretaria Amministratore
•Secretary to the Accountant
Rossella Ferrero {started 1976-08-28}
•Assistente Segretaria Amministratore
•Assistant Secretary to the Accountant
Costantino Barbieri
•Cassiere Amministrativo
Antonio Pala {started 1976-08-18}
Vincenzo Lucarini {started 1976-11-03}
•Assistente Cassiere Amministrativo
•Assistant Paymaster
Remo Stampiggioni {started 1976-08-18}
•Direttore Amministrativo
•Accounting Director
Luciano Neri
•Segretarie Amministrativo
•Accounting Secretaries
Dina Malisani
Fiorenza Gabrieli
•Financial Controller Gerald Avraham Yaacov Kreditor (b 22 Dec 1933, d 28 May 1998) of Gerald Kreditor & Co Chartered Accountants
•Contabilità meccaniche ATA
Soc. G.E.S.C.A. spa
•Insurance George R. Walden of Albert G. Ruben & Company
Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, c/o Cinesicurtà Srl, Viale Rossini, 21, Roma
•Bag Lunches Cucine Mobili Dino Srl
•Legal Counsel for Felix Cinematografica Massimo Ferrara-Santamaria
•Legal Counsel for Penthouse Films International and Felix Cinematografica [Lonson] Arnold Weissberger (b 16 Jan 1907, d 27 Feb 1981) of Weissberger & Harris, Esqs.
•Legal Counsel for Penthouse Clubs International Establishment Benjamin Baker of Ronald Fletcher Baker & Co
•Fotografo di Scena
•Unit Photographer
Mario Tursi (b 9 Aug 1929, d 1 Sep 2008) {started 1976-12-29 WRONG!!!!!}
•Special Photographers Roloff Beny (b 7 Jan 1924, d 16 Mar 1984)
Eddie Adams (b 12 Jun 1933, d 18 Sep 2004)
Jeremy “Jerry” Bauer (b 8 May 1934, d 19 Jul 2010)
Stan Malinowski
Claudio Patriarca
•Promotion and Marketing Jerry Pam of Guttman & Pam Ltd
•Capo Ufficio Stampa
•Unit Publicist
Walter Alford (b 14 Nov 1912, d 6 Nov 2003)
•Secretary to Unit Publicist
Maria Ruhle
•In-House Publicity Crew Gregory Bronson
Eugene Rizzo
Leslie Cuscina
•Territorial Sales [Donald Aubrey] Don Getz (b 28 Mar 1920, d 22 Aug 1993), London [please write to me if you knew him!!! Thanks!!! He knew things. He knew many things.]
•Typography Creative Typographers
MacNaughton Lithograph
The Typros
•Advertising Tinker Campbell Ewald
•Pre-Release Logo Daniel J. Maffia
•Pre-Release Poster Design Michael Sweret
•Assistant to Bob Guccione Leslie Jay-Gould
•Bob Guccione’s “Secretaries” Thomas Raymundo (“Tommy Ray” — armed bodyguard)
Carmine “Del” Delgado (“The Mayor of Honolulu” — armed bodyguard)
Anthony “Tony” Leeds (real-estate agent/confidant)
•Accountant — Penthouse Films International John Holland
•Executive Administration — Penthouse Films International Irwin Edward Billman
Jan Harris
•Assistant to the Executives — Penthouse Films International Regina Andriolo
•Penthouse Films International Clerical Staff Ahmad Sadiq
Dawn Willis
Adele Baranski
Steven Beer
Fyrossa Khan
William Hubschmitt
Norman Oberlander
John Quis
Maxine Berd
Harvey Zucker
Hector Marrero
Elizabeth Appelbaum
Janet Cohn
Cheryl Goldblatt
Cynthia Horden
Michelle Petrillo
Theodore C Bailey
Michael Jaffa
•Re-Recorded at Twickenham Film Studios, London, England
•Custode Camerini
•Dressing-Room Security
Vittoria Ansini {started 1976-08-10}
•Custode Teatro
Guido Rosina {started 1976-08-18}
•Filmed at Dear International SpA (Cinestudi Dear, afterwards known as Cine International Srl, now the RAI Studi Dear), via Ettore Romagnoli 30 (by Via Nomentana), 00137 Rome, Italy; with overflow sets built on via Salaria by Monterotondo and location work at La Faggetta, Provincia di Viterbo (pastoral idyll), Lago di Vico, near Vitorbo at Ciroco (Battle of Britain), and i termi di Caracalla
•Technical coördinator for US release Byron C. Trott
•Negative Format 35mm Eastmancolor 5254, 1:1.85
•Sound Format (1979) Several prints 4-tr mag/op Dolby (left and right only; center and surround were blank), several prints 4-tr Dolby A optical (probably the 1982 reissue), most prints optical monaural
•Sound Format (1999) Monaural Synthesized to Dolby Digital 5.1
592 total listings
  12 are for corporations
    4 people performed more than one duty and hence are listed twice
  18 worked only on the English-language post-production
    4 are lawyers who did only off-site paperwork
    1 is an accountant who did only off-site paperwork
    1 is a contracted publicist who worked out of Beverly Hills
    2 composers were hired after completion of filming
    8 composers did not work on this movie, but had written pre-existing music
    2 were graphic artists in the US
    4 were Penthouse executives who worked out of NYC
  21 were clerical staff at Penthouse who worked out of NYC
    3 were armed guards who traveled with Guccione
    3 worked on the Italian post-production only
There was also the 100-piece Royal Italian Symphonia which was recorded at Bruno Nicolai’s Emmequattro Studios in Rome; so we should add 100 musicians and I don’t know how many crew and staff. I have no clue about the staff and musicians required for the rejected scores by Fiorenzo Carpi and Franco Mannino.
Caio Germanico Giulio Cesare “Caligola”
Gaius Germanicus Julius Cæsar “Caligula”
Malcolm McDowell [birth name: Malcolm John Taylor] (dubbed himself in the English version; dubbed probably by Roberto Del Giudice in Caligola and Io Caligola; dubbed by Lutz Mackensy in the German version)
Drusilla Teresa [Thérèse] Ann Savoy (b 18 Jul 1955, d 9 Jan 2017) (dubbed by Traudel Haas in the German version)
Guido Mannari (b 13 Dec 1944, d 10 Jul 1988) (dubbed by Patrick Allen in the English version; dubbed by Glauco Onorato in Caligola; dubbed by Christian Rode in the German version)
Nerva [Arthur] John Gielgud (b 14 Apr 1904, d 21 May 2000) (dubbed himself in the English version; dubbed by Roberto Villa in Caligola; dubbed by Wilhelm Borchert in the German version)
[Seamus] Peter O’Toole (b 2 Aug 1932, d 14 Dec 2013) (dubbed himself in the English version; dubbed by Sergio Graziani in Caligola; dubbed by Friedrich W. Bauschulte in the German version)
Giancarlo Badessi (b 21 Sep 1928, d 6 Dec 2011) (dubbed by Horst Gentzen in the German version)
Bruno Brive (dubbed by Stefan Krause in the German version)
Ennia Adriana Asti (dubbed by Inken Sommer in the German version)
Leopoldo Trieste (b 3 May 1917, d 25 Jan 2003), dubbed by Edgar Ott in the German version
Paolo Bonacelli (dubbed himself in Caligola; dubbed by Joss Ackland in the English version; dubbed by Joachim Nottke in the German version)
John Steiner (dubbed himself in the English version)
Livia Mirella D’Angelo
Helen Mirren (dubbed herself in the English version; dubbed by Vittoria Febbi in Caligola; dubbed by Andrea Brix in the German version)
Donato Placido [real name: Gerardo Amato] (dubbed by Lutz Riedel in the German version)
Mnester Richard Parets (dubbed by Wolfgang Ziffer in the German version)
Suburra Singer Paula Mitchell (dubbed her own line)
“The Little Giant” (Caligula’s mute mascot) Osiride Pevarello (b 26 Jul 1915?/1920, d 15 Dec 2016) (Synchron Kartei claims that this part was dubbed into German by Jochen Schröder, which doesn’t seem likely, since the character is mute)
Messalina Anneka di Lorenzo (“Dewey”) (b 6 Sep 1952, d 2 Jan 2011) (See also Entertainment Law Reporter, June 1992, pp 33–40)
Agrippina Lori Wagner (“Huey”)

Lori Wagner, Anneka diLorenzo, and Jane Hargrave
were mercilessly lampooned in Ultimate Porno as “Huey, Dewey, and Louie,” respectively.
Despite what the book says, I’m actually rather fond of them.
Too bad they obeyed orders though. LIFE RULE # 1: Never obey orders.

Caligula’s retinue Martinelli, first name unknown (Caligula’s bedroom; Proculus’s house; dinner; victory banquet; birth; Battle of Britain; Imperial Bordello)

Mazzanti (Massanti?), first name unknown (Longinus’s office; Caligula’s bedroom; Drusilla’s bedroom; Proculus’s house; dinner; victory banquet; birth; Battle of Britain; Imperial Bordello)

Montereale, first name unknown (Longinus’s office; Caligula’s bedroom; Drusilla’s bedroom; Proculus’s house; dinner; victory banquet; birth; Battle of Britain; Imperial Bordello)

Romoli, first name unknown (Caligula’s bedroom; Drusilla’s bedroom; Proculus’s house; dinner; victory banquet; birth; Battle of Britain; Imperial Bordello)
Second of pair of nude slaves jogging down corridor / wet nurse Anna Grimwood
A slave in the corridor Giulia Cardella [bitten by a mastiff between takes, taken for shots]
A slave in the corridor Annalisa Fiore
Princess-Slave (tortured with barbed wire) Angela La Vorgna [her face is never shown on screen, which is a terrible shame since she had about the nicest face of all]
Tiberius’s slave (Betty the Collapsible Crutch) Loretta Young (no, not that one; this one was an actress-model from NYC about whom I know nothing else)
Band leader by Tiberius’s pool / Soldier who posts Caligula’s decree of one month’s public mourning Guy Munthe
A musician under the conductorship of Guy Munthe Gary Karp [in real life a music student in Ohio]
Orgy Master at Tiberius’s Grotto of Pleasures Marcello Di Falco (b 7 Mar 1943, d 7 Sep 2010) [later, after a surgery, was known as Marcella Di Folco]
Drunken Sentry Donato Mercouri [some hastily typed studio documents spell his surname Mercuri, which I think is wrong; I think he spelled it the Greek way, not the Latin way]
An exhibit at Tiberius’s Grotto of Pleasures Tom Corey [in real life an art student from Scarsdale]
Three-eyed dwarf Salvatore Furnari

Siamese Twins joined at scalp Aléxico and Eloy de Llanos
Priest (“Rest Tiberius Cæsar”; entrail examiner at wedding banquet;
“Golden ponds of Britain”)
Giuseppe Maffioli (b 28 Apr 1925, d 3 Jun 1985)
“Throw him in the river!” Louis Rossetto
High Priest Bergarius Eduardo Gustavo Bergara Leumann (b 5 Sep 1932, d 5 Sep 2008) (aka Edouard Bergara as well as just Bergara)
High Priestess of Isis
[originally cast as midwife, a part that was cut prior to shooting]
Maria Cumani Quasimodo (b 20 May 1908, d 22 Nov 1995)
One of the blade-wielders on the head chopper Pietro Torrisi (b 20 January 1940)
Senator (“He’s a tyrant”) John Stacy
Senator Acesius (“I offer my life”) Andrew Lord Miller [misidentified as Andrew Lord Russell in photo captions]
Nino Prester [misidentified as “Edoardo Prester” in Ministero del Turismo e dello Spettacolo application; glimpsed only for a moment during the coronation scene.]
2º Console
2nd Consul
Vittorio Fanfoni [glimpsed only for a moment during the coronation scene.]
Priestess of Isis (Sacred Dance of Isis) / A senator’s wife Jane Hargrave (“Louie”)
Priestess of Isis (Sacred Dance of Isis) Susanne Saxon (Susan Marie Swanson, b 27 Dec 1955, d 4 Sep 2006) [she was later brought back for the “additional scenes”]
Maître d’ at Wedding (“And the Lady Drusilla, and the Lady Cæsonia”) John Francis Lane
Incitatus Davide
Homosexual Guards who spy on Caligula & Drusilla at the beginning of the reign and then on the Caligula/Drusilla/Cæsonia trio during the storm “Caramella” and “Belladonna” (I assume Caramella was the masculine-looking one, whom I can’t identify; the effeminate one, whose face is never revealed in the release versions, I assume was Belladonna, and his real name was Franco Caracciolo [b 6 Mar 1944, d 3 Nov 1992])
One of the Ladies-in-Waiting Kris Petersson
Master of Ceremonies during arrest of Gemellus Daniel Smith [deleted from release versions, visible in Lui’s Making of]
Eolo Capritti
Transvestite in Suburra / Prostitute in Suburra Sidney Sheldon (b 11 Feb 1917, d 30 Jan 2007) [Sorry. My bad. The studio documentation was wrong. It said that Sidney Sheldon was photographed AS a transvestite and AS a prostitute. That was a woeful typographical error. He was photographed WITH a performer portraying a transvestite (Mario Tursi’s unit still #7789) and WITH a performer portraying a prostitute (#7790), neither of whom I can identify. How do I know this? I found the stills! Oops.]
One of the guests at Victory Banquet Salvatore Governale [he also worked props and studio security]
A senator’s wife / priestess of Isis / Diana, Goddess of the Hunt at victory banquet Carolyn Patsis [Diana was deleted from release versions]
A senator’s wife Bonnie Dee Wilson
Julia Drusilla (two years old) Sansoni [first name unknown]
Dancing Master Gambino [first name unknown, deleted from all release versions]
Also Appearing Ryan, first name unknown (corridor, Gallery of Monsters)

Doyle, first name unknown (corridor, Gallery of Monsters)

De Petris, first name unknown (Gallery of Monsters)

Suares, first name unknown (Gallery of Monsters)

Caporale, first name unknown (Gallery of Monsters)

Saltutti, first name unknown (Enrica???) (head-chopper)

Fiorentini, first name unknown (Longinus’s office; Caligula’s bedroom)

D’Ecclesia, first name unknown (Luigi???) (dinner; victory banquet; death of Proculus; Imperial Bordello)

Bullo, first name unknown (Gianfranco???) (birth)

Roiron, first name unknown (Georges???) (Suburra)

Ianni, first name unknown (death of Proculus; victory banquet)

Tanin, first name unknown (victory banquet;)

Ritva Kaarina Maakorpi (victory banquet? — for the life of me I can’t remember where I learned that she appeared in this movie)

O’Brian, first name unknown (Imperial Bordello)

Caponera, first name unknown (Pipo???) (Imperial Bordello)

Sottile, first name unknown (Imperial Bordello)

Pino Ammendola (a soldier?)

Omero Capanna (unknown)

Fortunato Arena (unknown)

Antonio Casale (unknown)

Lella Cataneo (unknown)

Decio Gabin (unknown)

Giuseppe Namio (unknown)

Claudio Aliotti

Guglielmo Spoletini (b 18 Apr 1929, d 12 Mar 2005) [originally cast as circus director, which was cut from the script; he was in the movie but I can’t spot him]

Giovanna Tovoli (a/k/a Lola Montez)

Carlos Alberto Valles

and about 200 or maybe 300 others (Please contact me if you can identify any of them. Thanks!)
Senators’ wives aboard the Imperial Bordello
(appeared only in Guccione’s inserts)
Valerie Rae Clark
Juliet Morris
Henrietta D. Kelogg (or Kellogg, or Kellog) (b 4 Nov 1952, d 3 Jun 2009)
Signe Berger
and others
Other voice artists for the English dub Joan Baker (b 14 Oct 1960)
Seán Barrett (b 4 May 1940)
David Dixon (b 28 Oct 1947)
Olive Gregg (d 2007)
Neville Jason
Geoffrey Matthews (d 2010)
Paula Mitchell
Beryl Mortimer (d 2001)
Jennifer “Gennie” Nevinson
Robert Rietti (b 8 Feb 1923)
Footsteppers Joan Baker (b 14 Oct 1960)
Beryl Mortimer (d 2001)


JUNE 1987

Something amused me in 1980. It may have amused you, too. When journalists are under the gun with a deadline, they do hasty research, and the hastiness shows. That’s a professional risk — actually, it’s a professional inevitability. An editor at The New York Times assigned Tom Buckley to do a brief piece on the forthcoming Caligula. The editor recognized the principal names in the cast and crew, but he had never heard of the director before. Could Buckley learn something about this director? Now, in early 1980 that was not such an easy assignment, for it was next to impossible to find any reference to Tinto in any English-language journal, apart from the occasional passing reference to Salon Kitty that one could glean from Reader’s Guide. Nonetheless, Buckley did what he could, and I instantly recognized what he had done. He began his research by pulling up the 1980 International Motion Picture Almanac, edited by Richard Gertner, published by Quigley. Was Tinto mentioned? Yes, he was! The brief listing, though, was simply a list of Italian titles that were entirely unfamiliar. Apart from Caligula, there was only one title in English, namely Yankee. On a hunch, Buckley decided to look up Yankee in a respected book on westerns, and he lucked out. Then, in an index of film journals, he found that Variety had published a reference to Tinto’s most recent movie.

Behold the result:

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