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Of course there’s Tom’s site, which predated this one and which has lots of fun ephemera that you won’t easily find elsewhere. POSTSCRIPT: Well, there was Tom’s site. He took it down. You can still see fragments here.

Oh yes, Nathaniel also did a little page, here:

Then there’s this very interesting — and very detailed! — three-part essay:

Visione Proibite
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Despite the claim in this article, I’m quite sure that all 160,000m of negs were never kept at Technicolor Roma. Some of the negs and some of the production audio has vanished, which I rank as a tragedy equal to the destruction of the bulk of Stroheim’s Greed and the destruction in its entirety of Harry Langdon’s Heart Trouble (though I’m certain that rogue prints of both those movies survived for at least several decades and may still be lingering somewhere in forgotten vaults, probably in rusty cans whose labels have all fallen off).

We should also mention Alberto Farina’s 1993 graduate thesis at the Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza,” L’opera cinematografica nella giurisprudenza. Chapter 1 is called “Il produttore e il diritto morale del regista,” and it deals in large measure with Caligula. Unfortunately, it omits some crucial portions of the story, which creates some confusion, but it is nonetheless intriguing and I’m really surprised that anybody (other than me) would know about this topic. Also, it at long last explains something I never understood, namely, the legal status of a film director in Italy, which is not “employee” or “independent contractor,” but “self-employed”! I like the parenthetical reference to Caligula as having been “a film that by merest chance was a judicial career, as can be argued by the incredible wealth of judgments on the most disparate elements.”

Other than those? Oy. Not much. You can spend weeks, nonstop, hammering away relentlessly through every online search engine, and everything you find, combined, will not contain the info you will learn in the above few links. Yes, the situation really is that sad. What you will find online is misinformation, disinformation, blustering opinions, and blundering nonsense. That’s all that’s out there, folks. If you know differently, please inform us. Since so few people have ever been interested in the topic, I’m pretty confident that our book will sell all of three copies — if we’re lucky.